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Get exclusive market insights and one-to-one consultation with our pool of top tier analysts

Actionable & Educational Market Insights

Use your mouse to hover over the bolded words to get a better understanding of how our analysts arrived at the market insight. Every market insight has a clear and actionable outcome.

Revolutionary New Way of
Asking Questions

Link your questions to chart objects directly leaving no room for misinterpretations.

Clear Questions = Clear Answers

Request for Research

In The Axi VIP Trading Room, you can request for insights and research on any particular instrument. Our top tier analysts will be more than glad to share their insights with you.

Slide into their DMs​

Have a question you’d like to ask Axi’s analysts directly? Simply slide into their DMs with our full-fledge direct messaging system.

Meet The Analysts

Get to know the team behind The Axi VIP Trading Room.

You Grow, We Grow

At Axi, we’re dedicated to helping you grow into a better trader. Take full advantage of The Axi VIP Trading Room to take your trading to the next level.