Activate your TTC Account

You will need to activate it by following the steps below.

For Existing Axi Clients

Step 1: Link your MT4 account to TTC

Log into your Axi Client Portal and follow the steps below on how to link your MT4 account to TTC.

Step 2: Fund your existing Axi Account
You don't have to wait for your new TTC MT4 account to be created before you fund. Once you've funded, head over to step 3 and let us know - we'll grant you early access into TTC.

For Non-Axi Clients

Step 1: Open your Axi Live Account
Click on the link below to open your Axi Live Account. Once you are done, return to this page and finish step 2.
Step 2: Fund your new Axi Account
After your account is approved, fund your new Axi account before heading over to step 3.
Step 3: TTC Account Activation Request