Meet the Analysts Behind The Trading Circle

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Stephen Innes
Market Strategist

Get direct access to Stephen Innes, a world renowned Market Strategist who frequently appears on Bloomberg. Stephen will be in the Live Trading Room to discuss everything from trades to market sentiment and even golf!

Beneath his stern demeanour, Stephen is a fun-loving guy who loves jogging as much as he loves amazing food.

Desmond Leong
CEO, Everest Fortune Group

Desmond runs Everest Fortune Group, an award-winning research house advising the largest banks, asset management firms and brokers in the world, specializing in institution grade technical analysis. He has since begun to use the institution grade approach to technical analysis to teach thousands of retail traders on how to trade in the forex market in a systematic risk-balanced way.

He has been featured in multiple publications such as Portfolio Magazine, speaking occasionally on radio (MoneyFM, Channel News Asia) and is a distinguished guest speaker at investment events.

Isaac Lim
Chief Market Technician

Isaac Lim, Chief Market Technician of Everest Fortune Group, holds both the Chartered Market Technical (CMT) and Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) titles and previously advised the largest banks and hedge funds such as Brevan Howard.

He currently runs the technical analysis division of Everest Fortune Group, advising institutional clients on a daily basis. He specializes in the Elliott Wave theory, Fibonacci, Harmonics, Market Structure and Supply/Demand.

Ella Lan
Chief Market Strategist

Ella Lan, Chief Market Strategist of Everest Fortune Group, holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) title and has a Masters in Wealth Management from Singapore Management University (SMU). She has the experience of working at Credit Suisse, Citicorp Investment Bank, Hang Seng Bank and Siddhartha Asset Management under her belt.

She currently runs the fundamental analysis division of Everest Fortune Group, and with her deep knowledge of technical analysis, she provides the perfect blend of combining fundamental and technical analysis to forecast the markets well.

Li Xing
Senior Market Technician

Li Xing, Senior Market Technician of Everest Fortune Group, is an economics and finance graduate from the Singapore Management University. She made a name among retail traders for her eye for detail and strict trade management practices.

She currently runs the Eurozone analysis division within Everest Fortune Group and specializes in Elliott Wave theory, Fibonacci, Harmonics, Market Structure, Oscillators and Supply/Demand.

Joyce Tan
Market Technician

Joyce Tan, Market Technician at Everest Fortune Group who specializes in harmonic trading, particularly focusing on using Fibonacci, supply/demand and trend lines to find high probability reversal zones.

Joyce has in-depth experience with the various technical indicators; ranging from the common oscillators to the more exotic and niche indicators. She effectively combines these tools to find high probability trading setups in the Forex market.

Market Technician

Don is a market analyst at the award winning research firm, Everest Fortune Group. He comes with a good blend of experience in fundamental analysis and technical analysis. His forte is in turning complex terminologies and breaking it down to understandable bite sized terms for his listeners.

Zhou Hao Cheng
Market Technician

Haocheng is a market analyst at the award winning research firm, Everest Fortune Group. His strength is in US equities where he manages his own fund. He brings the best of fundamentals and technicals together to find good entries both in the FX space and in the equities space.